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Saturday, October 16

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Sunday, October 17

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Deep Learning for Audio Signal Processing, with Python and Pytorch Examples Tutorial VirtualGerald Schuller • Renato de Castro Rabelo Profeta • Sascha Michael Spors Funding your Audio Dreams VirtualHeather Rafter • Jay Le Boeuf • Ethan Jacks • Jim Goldfarb • Ed Little • Piper Payne Guidelines for Stream Loudness VirtualJohn Kean • David Bialik Understanding Audio for SMPTE 2110 VirtualAndy Butler • David Bialik Next Generation Audio for Advanced Music Creations and Distributions - Part 2 TBAKimio Hamasaki • Toru Kamekawa • Hideo Irimajiri • Kazuya Nagae Spatial Audio, Apple & Dolby Atmos: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly TBAHeather Rafter • Drazen Bosnjack • Kevin Madigan 3D Impulse Response Convolution with Multichannel Direct Sound: Assessing Perceptual Equivalency between Room- and Source- Impression for Music Production VirtualRichard King • Jack Kelly • Wieslaw Woszczyk A Family of Current Mode Class D Amplifiers VirtualEric Mendenhall A Method for Program-Level Academic Review and Revision in Audio Education – Part 2 VirtualTimothy Ryan • Casey Hunter • Erin Waters-Ryan A Neural Beamforming Front-end for Distributed Microphone Arrays VirtualJonathan Ziegler • Leon Schröder • Andreas Koch • Andreas Schilling Acoustic Decoupling Device in Coaxial Compression Driver VirtualFilippo Bartolozzi AI 3D immersive audio codec based on content-adaptive dynamic down-mixing and up-mixing framework VirtualWoo Hyun Nam • Tammy Lee • Sang Chul Ko • Yoonjae Son • Hyun Kwon Chung • Kyung-Rae Kim • Jungkyu Kim • Sunghee Hwang • Kyunggeun Lee An Approach for Capturing Multi-Directional Radiation Characteristics of Sound Sources for 3D VirtualMichael Matsakis • Parichat Songmuang • Paul Geluso An Open Source Turntable for Electro-Acoustical Devices Characterization VirtualDaniele Ponteggia Analysis of a Unique Pingable Circuit: The Gamelan Resonator VirtualEzra J. Teboul • Kurt Werner Application of AI techniques for nonlinear control of loudspeakers VirtualYuan Li • Pascal Brunet • Glenn Kubota • Aaquila Mariajohn Audio Watermarking Technique Integrating Spread Spectrum and CNN-autoencoder VirtualNoha Korany • Namat Elboghdadly • Mohamed Elabdein Audio-Source Rendering on Flat-Panel Loudspeakers with Non-Uniform Boundary Conditions VirtualMichael Heilemann • Tre DiPassio • Mark Bocko Automatic Classification of Enclosure-Types for Electrodynamic Loudspeakers VirtualJohannes Werner • Tobias Fritsch Automatic Loudspeaker Room Equalization Based On Sound Field Estimation with Artificial Intelligence Models VirtualAdrian Celestinos • Yuan Li • Victor Manuel Chin Lopez Binaural Audio Externalization Processing VirtualJean-Marc Jot • Alexey Lukin • Kurt Werner • Evan Allen Binaural mixing of popular music VirtualHyunkook Lee • Pablo Abehsera Morell Bit Rate Requirements for an Audio Codec for Stereo, Surround and Immersive Formats VirtualSunil Bharitkar • Allan Devantier • Carlos Tejeda-Ocampo • Carren Zhongran Wang • Will Saba Comparison of different techniques for recording and postproduction using main-microphone arrays for binaural reproduction. VirtualJosua Dillier • Hanna Järveläinen Deconvolution of Room Impulse Responses from Simultaneous Excitation of Loudspeakers VirtualSunil Bharitkar Defining reverberation plugin structure: A comparative exploration of system design and expert knowledge in an audio education context VirtualKevin Garland • Malachy Ronan Developing plugins for your ears VirtualGary Spittle Effect of Flicker Noise on Audio Signal Reproduction VirtualAkihiko Yoneya Effects of Near-field Sources on Ambisonics Recording and Playback VirtualRaimundo Gonzalez • Archontis Politis • Tapio Lokki Evaluating the Relationship Between Kurtosis Loss and Spectral Insertion Loss for Musicians' Hearing Protection Devices VirtualDavid Anderson • Theodore Argo Forensic Handling of User Generated Audio Recordings VirtualRob Maher • Benjamin Miller • Fraser Robertson Gunshot Detection Systems: Methods, Challenges, and Can they be Trusted? VirtualJohn Hansen • Hynek Boril Implementing and Evaluating a Higher-order Ambisonic Sound System in a Multi-purpose Facility: A Lab Report VirtualAnıl Çamcı • Sam Smith • Seth Helman Impression evaluation of mixed acoustic signals with different spatial acoustic characteristics VirtualShota Okubo • Toshiharu Horiuchi Informed postprocessing for auditory roughness removal for low-bitrate audio coders VirtualSteven van de Par • Sascha Disch • Andreas Niedermeier • Bernd Edler InSE-NET: A Perceptually Coded Audio Quality Model based on CNN VirtualGuanxin Jiang • Arijit Biswas • Christian Bergler • Andreas Maier Integrating Vibrato Into Artificial Reverberation VirtualSarah Smith • Senyuan Fan Interactive Application to Control and Rapid-prototype in a Collaborative Immersive Environment VirtualJonas Braasch • Samuel Chabot Material models in loudspeakers using frictional elements VirtualRasmus Bølge Sørensen • Finn Agerkvist Mayflower & The Seven Seas: Sonification of The Ocean VirtualEduardo Reck Miranda • Clive Mead • Dieter Hearle Measuring Aliasing by-products in Dynamic Processors VirtualJuan Sierra Measuring Voice Coil Temperature using Ultrasonic Pilot Tones VirtualTobias Fritsch • Johannes Fried MPEG-H Audio production workflows for a Next Generation Audio experience in broadcast, streaming and music VirtualYannik Grewe • Philipp Eibl • Christian Simon • Matteo Torcoli • Daniela Rieger • Ulli Scuda Objective-oriented method for uniformation of various directivity representations VirtualAdam Szwajcowski OCEAN WAVE SOUND SYNTHESIS AND PERCEPTUAL EVALUATION VirtualHazar Tez • Joshua Reiss • Roderick Selfridge On the comparison of flown and ground-stacked subwoofer configurations regarding noise pollution VirtualEtienne Corteel • Thomas Mouterde Optimized Decoders for Mixed-Order Ambisonics: Listening Tests VirtualAaron Heller • Fernando Lopez-Lezcano • Eric Benjamin • Marc Lavallée Overview and Comparison of Acoustical Characteristics in Three Historically Significant Nashville Recording Studios VirtualDoyuen Ko • Jim Kaiser • Wesley Bulla Parametric Array Using Amplitude Modulated Pulse Trains: Experimental Evaluation of Beamforming and Single Sideband Modulation VirtualNara Hahn • Jens Ahrens • Carl Andersson Perceptual evaluation of a new, portable three-dimensional recording technique: ``W-Ambisonics'' VirtualDoyuen Ko • Xuan Lu • Sungyoung Kim • Miriam Kolar Perceptual Evaluation of Interior Panning Algorithms Using Static Auditory Events VirtualThomas Robotham • Andreas Silzle • Anamaria Nastasa • Alan Pawlak • Jürgen Herre Phoneme Mappings for Online Vocal Percussion Transcription VirtualAlejandro Luezas • Charalampos Saitis • Mark Sandler Power Efficiency of Capacitive MEMS Speakers VirtualLutz Ehrig • Hermann Schenk • Jorge Mario Monsalve Guaracao • Anton Melnikov Production Tools for the MPEG-H Audio System VirtualYannik Grewe • Philipp Eibl • Daniela Rieger • Ulli Scuda Quantifying HRTF Time and Spectral Precision using Interaural Transfer Function VirtualJustin Mathew • Lukasz Januszkiewicz • Maria Pensko • Mark Hertensteiner • Remi Audray Re-amping/Reprocessing audio signals using unison plugins VirtualWind Mauri Real-time Implementation of the Spectral Division Method for Binaural Personal Audio Delivery with Head Tracking VirtualYue Qiao • Edgar Choueiri Recreating complex soundscapes for audio quality evaluation VirtualDamian Koszewski • Jan Banas • Przemyslaw Maziewski • Pawel Trella • Pawel Pach • Piotr Klinke • Dominik Stanczak • Maciej Kuklinowski Response clustering in loudspeaker radiation balloons VirtualVictor Manuel Catala Iborra Spatial auditory masking between real sound signals and virtual sound images VirtualMasayuki Nishiguchi • Soma Ishihara • Kanji Watanabe • Koji Abe • Shouichi Takane Subjective Assessment of Multichannel Audio on a Tablet Computer VirtualJoshua Reiss • Fesal Toosy • Muhammad Sarwar Ehsan Synthesizing Reverberation Impulse Responses from Audio Signals: Auto-Reverberation and Interactive Environments VirtualEoin Callery • Jonathan Abel • Kyle Spratt Teaching Modular Synth & Sound Design Online During COVID-19: Maximizing Learning Outcomes Through Open-source Software and Student-centered Pedagogy VirtualCecilia Wu • Ashell Fox The effect of user's hands on mobile device frequency response, Part 1 VirtualJuha Backman • Lauri Veko • Yuheng Jiang The influence of stage acoustics on the singers' performance and perception: A pilot study VirtualKajornsak Kittimathaveenan • Munhum Park The Sound of Jittery Sampling Clocks VirtualJesus Ortiz Tools For Visual Thinking: Teaching Electronic Music VirtualC. Graham Spice Transdisciplinary Experience in Sound Design and Music Composition for Film PostProduction: a Constructivist Remote Learning Case Study. VirtualRodrigo Meirelles • Fernanda Navarro • Janaki Cedanna Transducer design considerations for slim TV applications. VirtualFelix Kochendoerfer Using Ambisonic Microphone as Spot Microphones in an Ensemble Recording VirtualPaul Geluso • Kerri Chandler • Cale Michaels Bonderman WaveBeat: End-to-end beat and downbeat tracking in the time domain VirtualChristian J. Steinmetz • Joshua D. Reiss Harlem School Of The Arts’ New Performance Venue A Multi-Faceted Educational Gem VirtualHoward Sherman • John Storyk New Developments In Small Room Acoustics – Accent of The “e-Studio” + Innovative Predictive Software e.g. NIRO™ VirtualHoward Sherman • John Storyk • Peter D'Antonio A Deep Dive into DAW Digits: Can Floating Point Save You? VirtualBob Stuart • Jamie Angus-Whiteoak In-car Acoustic Measurements VirtualJayant Datta • Steve Temme • Hans Lahti • Stefan Irrgang Tutorial: What does it take to write a paper for the Journal of the Audio Engineering Society? VirtualRob Maher • Joshua Reiss • Vesa Välimäki • Bozena Kostek Archival Albums: Curation, Preservation, and Mastering VirtualAnna Frick • Maria Rice • Jason Bitner • Alan Stoker • Ken Shipley • Jeff Lipton Archiving Hip Hop in Theory and Practice VirtualMark Campbell • Maria Rice • Jason Bitner • Pacey Foster • Sommer McCoy Archiving the 90’s (The 80’s Edition) VirtualMaria Rice • Jason Bitner • Dan Johnson • Catherine Vericolli • Eddie Ciletti Tickets For Doomsday - A discussion of a reissue from capture to shrink-wrap VirtualMargaret Luthar • Maria Rice • Jason Bitner • Jenn D’eugenio Building a multi-room workflow for scoring VirtualJohn Whynot Scoring Mixers Cage Match: Improved Diversity Edition VirtualJohn Whynot What Defines 'Audio for Cinema' - State of Play VirtualKathleen Zhang • Mark Camperell • Matt Kulewicz • Adam Michalak • Ryan Young Advantages of using Metadata VirtualJohn Kean • David Bialik Spatial Audio in Podcasting VirtualRob Byers • Sandra Yee Ling • Matt Yocum • Bob Kellough Understanding SNMP VirtualTom Ray • David Bialik 4 Bars and More: The Techniques Behind Arranging EDM VirtualRick Snoman Examining the tools and techniques for live performance in a DAW VirtualPaul Hunter Social Media and the Modern EDM Artist VirtualAlexandra Bartles Dead Tech: Is Anything Ever Really Obsolete? VirtualMichael Bierylo Machine Learning in Electronic Instruments VirtualMichael Bierylo Using the Boring Allpass Filter VirtualJayant Datta Spatial Audio Rendering for Interoperable XR Applications in the Audio Metaverse VirtualJean-Marc Jot • Mark Hertensteiner • Rémi Audfray Avoiding the Pigeon-Hole VirtualPaul Womack Evolving Production Trends VirtualPaul Womack • Angela Piva Hip-Hop & Anime VirtualArmand Jennings Hip-Hop Mixing for a Theater Audience VirtualArmand Jennings Pretty Little Lines - Muruwari Sound Recordist, Inventor and Pioneer, Jimmie Barker VirtualSamantha Bennett Smaller, louder, smarter - loudspeaker design in the 21st century VirtualGeorge Augspurger Audio in the WAN / Cloud VirtualIevgen Kostiukevych • Nicolas Sturmel Case Studies: Deploying Audio Networks for Live Sound Applications Using Milan VirtualScott Sugden • Richard Bugg • Christoph Hellmuth Case Studies: Innovative Live Sound Design with the Dante AV-over-IP Solution VirtualBernie Farkus • Kat Taub Case Study: Distance Collaboration Demonstration with the Blue Note Entertainment Group VirtualPatrick Killianey Loudspeaker Work-Bench Measurements VirtualSimon Steiner • Wolfgang Klippel "It SOUNDS Just Like A Telefunken U-47" VirtualMarc Rubel All About Stereo Panning VirtualUfuk Onen It’s not just audio anymore – understanding how to mix audio, with lighting and video VirtualAlex Kosiorek • Eric Romani Masking for Mix Engineers VirtualAlex Case Mastering Mastering VirtualMaria Rice • Piper Payne • Jett Galindo • Mary Ann Zahorsky Streaming: Mastering, Preparation, Aggregation, Distribution and delivery of files VirtualAnna Frick • Bob Katz Anatomy of a Hit Album Under Quarantine - Harmonium Symphonique VirtualGavin Lurssen • Rick Winquest • Reuben Cohen • Simon Leclerc Keynote: John McBride with Chuck Ainlay VirtualChuck Ainlay • John McBride Keynote: Peter Asher VirtualPeter Asher Keynote: Poppy Crum VirtualPoppy Crum NFT Tutorial: “Let’s Drop An NFT!” VirtualElijah Walsh • Latch • Matt Gondek Platinum Engineers VirtualRafa Sardina Platinum Mastering: Mastering Immersive Audio VirtualMichael Romanowski • Darcy Proper • Gavin Lurssen • Stefan Bock Platinum Producers VirtualJulian Raymond

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Tuesday, October 26

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Saturday, October 30

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