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Thursday, October 28

9:00pm EDT

Acoustic Decoupling Device in Coaxial Compression Driver On-DemandFilippo Bartolozzi An Approach for Capturing Multi-Directional Radiation Characteristics of Sound Sources for 3D On-DemandMichael Matsakis • Parichat Songmuang • Paul Geluso An Open Source Turntable for Electro-Acoustical Devices Characterization On-DemandDaniele Ponteggia Audio Watermarking Technique Integrating Spread Spectrum and CNN-autoencoder On-DemandNoha Korany • Namat Elboghdadly • Mohamed Elabdein Automatic Classification of Enclosure-Types for Electrodynamic Loudspeakers On-DemandJohannes Werner • Tobias Fritsch Binaural mixing of popular music On-DemandHyunkook Lee • Pablo Abehsera Morell Developing plugins for your ears On-DemandGary A. Spittle Impression evaluation of mixed acoustic signals with different spatial acoustic characteristics On-DemandShota Okubo • Toshiharu Horiuchi Integrating Vibrato Into Artificial Reverberation On-DemandSarah R. Smith • Senyuan Fan Measuring Voice Coil Temperature using Ultrasonic Pilot Tones On-DemandTobias Fritsch • Johannes Fried MPEG-H Audio production workflows for a Next Generation Audio experience in broadcast, streaming and music On-DemandYannik Grewe • Philipp Eibl • Christian Simon • Matteo Torcoli • Daniela Rieger • Ulli Scuda Perceptual evaluation of a new, portable three-dimensional recording technique: ``W-Ambisonics'' On-DemandDoyuen Ko • Lu Xuan • Sungyoung Kim • Miriam Kolar Power Efficiency of Capacitive MEMS Speakers On-DemandLutz Ehrig • Hermann Schenk • Jorge Mario Monsalve Guaracao • Anton Melnikov Production Tools for the MPEG-H Audio System On-DemandYannik Grewe • Philipp Eibl • Daniela Rieger • Ulli Scuda Quantifying HRTF Time and Spectral Precision using Interaural Transfer Function On-DemandJustin Mathew • Lukasz Januszkiewicz • Maria Pensko • Mark Hertensteiner • Remi Audray Real-time Implementation of the Spectral Division Method for Binaural Personal Audio Delivery with Head Tracking On-DemandYue Qiao • Edgar Choueiri Recreating complex soundscapes for audio quality evaluation On-DemandDamian Koszewski • Jan Banas • Przemyslaw Maziewski • Pawel Trella • Pawel Pach • Piotr Klinke • Dominik Stanczak • Maciej Kuklinowski Subjective Assessment of Multichannel Audio on a Tablet Computer On-DemandJoshua Reiss • Fesal Toosy • Muhammad Sarwar Ehsan Transdisciplinarity in Sound Design and Music Composition for Film Post-Production: an Experiential Remote Learning Case Study On-DemandRodrigo Meirelles • Fernanda Navarro • Janaki Cedanna Using Ambisonic Microphone as Spot Microphones in an Ensemble Recording On-DemandPaul Geluso • Kerri Chandler • Cale Michaels Bonderman WaveBeat: End-to-end beat and downbeat tracking in the time domain On-DemandChristian Steinmetz • Joshua Reiss 3D Impulse Response Convolution with Multichannel Direct Sound: Assessing Perceptual Equivalency between Room- and Source- Impression for Music Production On-DemandJack Kelly • Richard King • Wieslaw Woszczyk A Neural Beamforming Front-end for Distributed Microphone Arrays On-DemandJonathan Ziegler • Leon Schröder • Andreas Koch • Andreas Schilling AI 3D immersive audio codec based on content-adaptive dynamic down-mixing and up-mixing framework On-DemandWoo Hyun Nam • Tammy Lee • Sang Chul Ko • Yoonjae Son • Hyun Kwon Chung • Kyung-Rae Kim • Jungkyu Kim • Sunghee Hwang • Kyunggeun Lee Analysis of a Unique Pingable Circuit: The Gamelan Resonator On-DemandEzra J. Teboul • Kurt James Werner Application of AI techniques for nonlinear control of loudspeakers On-DemandYuan Li • Pascal Brunet • Glenn Kubota • Aaquila Mariajohn Audio-Source Rendering on Flat-Panel Loudspeakers with Non-Uniform Boundary Conditions On-DemandMichael Heilemann • Tre DiPassio • Mark Bocko Automatic Loudspeaker Room Equalization Based On Sound Field Estimation with Artificial Intelligence Models On-DemandAdrian Celestinos • Yuan Li • Victor Manuel Chin Lopez Best Paper On-Demand Binaural Audio Externalization Processing On-DemandJean-Marc Jot • Alexey Lukin • Kurt James Werner • Evan Allen Bit Rate Requirements for an Audio Codec for Stereo, Surround and Immersive Formats On-DemandSunil G. Bharitkar • Allan Devantier • Carlos Tejeda-Ocampo • Carren Zhongran Wang • Will Saba Comparison of different techniques for recording and postproduction using main-microphone arrays for binaural reproduction. On-DemandJosua Dillier • Hanna Järveläinen Deconvolution of Room Impulse Responses from Simultaneous Excitation of Loudspeakers On-DemandSunil G. Bharitkar Defining reverberation plugin structure: A comparative exploration of system design and expert knowledge in an audio education context On-DemandKevin Garland • Malachy Ronan Effect of Flicker Noise on Audio Signal Reproduction On-DemandAkihiko Yoneya Effects of Near-field Sources on Ambisonics Recording and Playback On-DemandRaimundo Gonzalez • Archontis Politis • Tapio Lokki Evaluating the Relationship Between Kurtosis Loss and Spectral Insertion Loss for Musicians' Hearing Protection Devices On-DemandDavid Anderson • Theodore Argo Forensic Handling of User Generated Audio Recordings On-DemandRob Maher • Benjamin Miller • Fraser Robertson Gunshot Detection Systems: Methods, Challenges, and Can they be Trusted? On-DemandJohn Hansen • Hynek Boril Implementing and Evaluating a Higher-order Ambisonic Sound System in a Multi-purpose Facility: A Lab Report On-DemandAnıl Çamcı • Sam Smith • Seth Helman Informed postprocessing for auditory roughness removal for low-bitrate audio coders On-DemandSteven Van De Par • Sascha Disch • Andreas Niedermeier • Bernd Edler Interactive Application to Control and Rapid-prototype in a Collaborative Immersive Environment On-DemandJonas Braasch • Samuel Chabot Material models in loudspeakers using frictional elements On-DemandRasmus Bølge Sørensen • Finn Agerkvist Mayflower & The Seven Seas: Sonification of The Ocean On-DemandEduardo Reck Miranda • Clive Mead • Dieter Hearle Objective-oriented method for uniformation of various directivity representations On-DemandAdam Szwajcowski On the comparison of flown and ground-stacked subwoofer configurations regarding noise pollution On-DemandEtienne Corteel • Thomas Mouterde Overview and Comparison of Acoustical Characteristics in Three Historically Significant Nashville Recording Studios On-DemandDoyuen Ko • Jim Kaiser • Wesley Bulla Parametric Array Using Amplitude Modulated Pulse Trains: Experimental Evaluation of Beamforming and Single Sideband Modulation On-DemandNara Hahn • Jens Ahrens • Carl Andersson Phoneme Mappings for Online Vocal Percussion Transcription On-DemandAlejandro Luezas • Charalampos Saitis • Mark Sandler Response clustering in loudspeaker radiation balloons On-DemandVictor Manuel Catala Iborra Spatial auditory masking between real sound signals and virtual sound images On-DemandMasayuki Nishiguchi • Soma Ishihara • Kanji Watanabe • Koji Abe • Shouichi Takane Synthesizing Reverberation Impulse Responses from Audio Signals: Auto-Reverberation and Interactive Environments On-DemandEoin Callery • Jonathan Abel • Kyle Spratt Teaching Modular Synth & Sound Design Online During COVID-19: Maximizing Learning Outcomes Through Open-source Software and Student-centered Pedagogy On-DemandJiayue Cecilia Wu • Ashell Fox The effect of user's hands on mobile device frequency response, Part 1 On-DemandJuha Backman • Lauri Veko • Yuheng Jiang The influence of stage acoustics on the singers' performance and perception: A pilot study On-DemandKajornsak Kittimathaveenan • Munhum Park Tools For Visual Thinking: Teaching Electronic Music On-DemandGraham Spice Transducer design considerations for slim TV applications. On-DemandFelix C. Kochendörfer
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