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Johannes Fried

TU Ilmenau
Johannes Fried received a Bachelor in Technical Physics from TU Ilmenau, Germany, in 2021. He has had an interest in loudspeaker technology since his teenage years and is now a Master student in Media Technology at the same university.
Monday, October 11

1:15pm EDT

2:00pm EDT

Tuesday, October 12

1:00pm EDT

Wednesday, October 13

2:00pm EDT

Thursday, October 14

11:00am EDT

Friday, October 15

11:00am EDT

Saturday, October 16

2:00pm EDT

Wednesday, October 20

12:30pm EDT

3:00pm EDT

Thursday, October 21

12:00pm EDT

2:00pm EDT

6:00pm EDT

7:00pm EDT

Saturday, October 23

11:30am EDT

6:30pm EDT

Tuesday, October 26

12:35pm EDT

Wednesday, October 27

2:00pm EDT

Thursday, October 28

9:00pm EDT

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Friday, October 29

9:00pm EDT

Sunday, October 31

12:00pm EDT

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