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Remi Audfray Engineering
San Francisco
Thursday, October 21

2:00pm EDT

8:00pm EDT

Friday, October 22

3:00pm EDT

4:00pm EDT

Saturday, October 23

1:30pm EDT

Wednesday, October 27

11:00am EDT

3:00pm EDT

Thursday, October 28

9:00pm EDT

An Approach for Capturing Multi-Directional Radiation Characteristics of Sound Sources for 3D On-DemandMichael Matsakis • Parichat Songmuang • Paul Geluso Integrating Vibrato Into Artificial Reverberation On-DemandSarah R. Smith • Senyuan Fan MPEG-H Audio production workflows for a Next Generation Audio experience in broadcast, streaming and music On-DemandYannik Grewe • Philipp Eibl • Christian Simon • Matteo Torcoli • Daniela Rieger • Ulli Scuda Perceptual evaluation of a new, portable three-dimensional recording technique: ``W-Ambisonics'' On-DemandDr. Doyuen Ko • Lu Xuan • Sungyoung Kim • Miriam Kolar Quantifying HRTF Time and Spectral Precision using Interaural Transfer Function On-DemandJustin Mathew • Lukasz Januszkiewicz • Maria Pensko • Mark Hertensteiner • Remi Audray Real-time Implementation of the Spectral Division Method for Binaural Personal Audio Delivery with Head Tracking On-DemandYue Qiao • Edgar Choueiri 3D Impulse Response Convolution with Multichannel Direct Sound: Assessing Perceptual Equivalency between Room- and Source- Impression for Music Production On-DemandJack Kelly • Richard King • Wieslaw Woszczyk AI 3D immersive audio codec based on content-adaptive dynamic down-mixing and up-mixing framework On-DemandWoo Hyun Nam • Tammy Lee • Sang Chul Ko • Yoonjae Son • Hyun Kwon Chung • Kyung-Rae Kim • Jungkyu Kim • Sunghee Hwang • Kyunggeun Lee Automatic Loudspeaker Room Equalization Based On Sound Field Estimation with Artificial Intelligence Models On-DemandAdrian Celestinos • Yuan Li • Victor Manuel Chin Lopez Binaural Audio Externalization Processing On-DemandJean-Marc Jot • Alexey Lukin • Kurt James Werner • Evan Allen Bit Rate Requirements for an Audio Codec for Stereo, Surround and Immersive Formats On-DemandSunil G. Bharitkar • Allan Devantier • Carlos Tejeda-Ocampo • Carren Wang • Will Saba Comparison of different techniques for recording and postproduction using main-microphone arrays for binaural reproduction. On-DemandJosua Dillier • Hanna Järveläinen Deconvolution of Room Impulse Responses from Simultaneous Excitation of Loudspeakers On-DemandSunil G. Bharitkar Effects of Near-field Sources on Ambisonics Recording and Playback On-DemandRaimundo Gonzalez • Archontis Politis • Tapio Lokki Synthesizing Reverberation Impulse Responses from Audio Signals: Auto-Reverberation and Interactive Environments On-DemandEoin Callery • Jonathan Abel • Kyle Spratt
Friday, October 29

9:00pm EDT

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