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Brooklyn-born Alan Meyerson was a trumpet performance major at Brooklyn College in 1977 when he discovered it took actual talent to make a living as a musician. On that fateful day when he realized it was time for “Plan B” he was roaming the hallways of The Gershwin Theater and heard what he found out was the sound of a tape recorder shuttling and a very skilled engineer doing edits to student performances. He got an internship at the school sound studio and, as luck would have it, a charming old Irish piano tuner told him that there was a new jingle studio opening in Manhattan called Counterpoint and he could arrange a job interview. Alan showed up at 10 am for a 1 pm job interview and was told to come back at the right time. When he returned he got the job. The owner, an old great songwriter from Philadelphia named Jerry Ragovoy said that anyone who showed up 3 hours early for a job interview deserved a shot.

Under the mentorship of Gary Chester, jingles turned out to be an amazing learning opportunity. It’s a world where you do everything from rhythm section/strings/brass/vocal/mixes every day 5 days a week, Alan quickly learned to hone his skills.

He got an opportunity to work in Belgium as a 19-year-old engineer where he got to record and mix a jazz sextet album featuring the legendary jazz trumpeter Chet Baker. On his return to New York, he had the opportunity to work on staff at The Hit Factory and A&R Studios. In 1982 he took the risk of accepting an offer to be a freelance engineer in New York. Along with doing countless jingles, Alan started getting the opportunity to transition into recording and mixing pop, dance, R&B music. He started working in the early days of dance music with the top DJ/Remixers in NYC. Arthur Baker, Shep Pettibone, Bruce Forest, Larry Levan, Mark Kamens are among the many producers Alan recorded and mixed for. He started doing mainstream records with artists including New Order, Bryan Ferry, OMD, Cameo, Etta James, Michael Jackson, Diana Ross, and many others.

As he was now working on both coasts Alan decided to follow the sun and move out to Los Angeles in 1987. It turned out to be a good move.

In 1994 Alan crossed paths with the manager of Hans Zimmer’s facility, at the time called MediaVentures. It was a good fit for his orchestral background and his record-making chops and when Alan got a chance to record for Hans the connection was made. In the 27 years since then, Alan has done over 300 movies, video games, pop and jazz records,

His work has included recording and mixing such iconic films as Gladiator, Hannibal, Shrek, Blackhawk Down, 7 Chris Nolan Movies, 6 Pirates Of The Caribbean movies. Recent projects include Dune, Mulan, Sing, Captain Marvel, Ironman, Thor, Green Book, Space Jam. Video games include Jedi Fallen Order, Halo, Gears of War, Spiderman, and many many more. He also recorded and mixed the latest Moby Album “Reprise”.

Alan has designed 2 percussion libraries, one for Spitfire and one for Audioollie. He’s produced his own music production library for Extreme Music and is working on his next one.

He’s been on the bleeding edge of the technology for decades and really loves moving the bar higher.

Alan is one of the Mix With The Masters instructors. Thanksgiving week of 2021 will be his 7th year of doing the seminar in the South of France. He also does Master Classes at Berklee and CSUN and, looking to the future, is passionate about mentoring the next generations of music professionals.
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