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Paul Wolff

Fix Audio Designs
Born on December 30th, 1954 in Traverse City, Michigan.

In 1972, I was hanging out at a local TV shop, a guy comes in with a Strat with "no sound". The shop owner had no clue, I pulled the jack out and fixed it, the guitar player said "from now on, your name will be FIX…". That was the beginning of my course on the road to the studio to designing.

Both parents were in Big Bands during the ’40s, and later my father was a civil engineer and my mother was a custom jeweler.

A club in Washington DC called the Bayou, I did FOH for such bands as Foreigner, Dire Straits, Pat Benatar, etc. I was the FOH for many showcase bands attempting to get signed.

In June of 1985, I was offered API at a very low price because the current owners wanted to trim the assets so sell the whole company. I purchased the company and opened in a 20X30 foot office, and received a phone call from a guy named Shelly Yakus, looking for API 560 equalizers. Shelly was my first customer and has remained a good friend since. We were a company that grew without any kind of credit line, as we were self-funded.

At API, I designed the 5502 Rack Equalizer and the 3124 Quad Mic Pre, the first touch screen resettable console in 1995, and went on to design the Legacy console, Jeff Bork joined me and we designed the Legacy Plus console and the Vision resettable discrete console.

In 1999 I sold the company and worked for the new owners for the next 4 years, eventually leaving and starting Tonelux Designs Limited in June of 2004. API has done very well with the new owners and has grown every year.

Tonelux quickly became the 4th sound, among API, Neve, and Trident. Throughout both API and Tonelux, I designed several discrete op-amps and transformers, used in our modular console designs. These consoles have been the sound behind the Red Hot Chili Peppers Stadium Arcadium album, Avett Brothers, Depeche Mode, and many other top acts.

In 2009 I sold Tonelux to the PMI Audio Group.
In 2012 I started FIX Audio Designs, LLC, to make consoles again…. The current product line includes a Stereo input module, a 5.1 input module and an Immersive input module with Object Sends. I am currently the only company in the world making analog Immersive consoles. The console can be fitted with any op-amp/transformer combination to get any console tone you desire. The Stereo input module allows you to choose 3 different tones, and each of the 3 mix busses can have anyone. The stereo module also has a DAW monitor loop, much like an inline console.

I have also designed products like the Tony Shepperd/A-Designs MIX Factory, The Sunset Sound Tutti Mic Pre, A Lindell input module with EQ and a compressor, Analog Alien EPI universal pedal interface, the Slate VMS1 Mic Pre, the Slate Control monitor system, The new Slate Audio Monitor system, and was involved in the new Slate Audio VSX headphone system.
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