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Serge Fiori

Born in Montreal on March 4, 1952, from a very young age Serge Fiori started to play in his father's Big Band Orchestra, subbing for the “missing musicians of the day”. Thanks to this unique experience, passing from drums, keyboards, flutes, and all sorts of strings instruments, without any musical lessons nor any teachers, Serge learned to excel playing all of them. Through this peculiar journey, one day he laid his hands on a twelve strings guitar. From this point moving forward, adding his four octaves voice, that 12 strings guitar often became the sparkle inspiring him to write and compose songs and music which became national anthems in this French part of Canada named the Quebec Province.

At 20 years old he creates Harmonium. The band consisted of three musicians on the first album, five musicians on the second one, and seven musicians on the third and last album, aiming for a constant pursuit of perfection. While that early musical adventure lasted only four years, Harmonium is for Quebec what Pink Floyd, Genesis early albums, and any other international progressive rock music bands are for the rest of the world. During this very short amount of time, the band collected an endless list of prizes and awards, became part of the Canadian pantheon of music, the equivalent of XXX in the USA, and toured Canada and Europe, also visiting California. The band's second album was proclaimed the 36th best progressive rock album of all time by Billboard, the only French-language opus featured in that list.

Then, 44 years later, charts are written by Maestro Simon Leclerc, who also conducts the 68 musicians of the Montreal Symphonic Orchestra and a choir of 40 signers, and what could be considered as the fourth album of the band comes to fruition: Harmonium Symphonique.

Aside from Harmonium, his music having marked two if not three generations, Serge continued his musical life voyage, sometimes as a solo artist, and sometimes teaming with other musicians, also creating music for circus shows, musical themes for radio and television series, and writing soundtrack for eleven movies. Continuing to collect awards, his venture into movie soundtracks lead him to win a Silver Bear in Germany and a Jutras in Quebec, the equivalent in those countries of what is known as an Oscar in the United States.

Serge continues to be active, inspired, and inspiring millions of fans, having written part of the life soundtrack of many of them.
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