Tracy Teagarden

I have been in Las Vegas since it was a little town. I transitioned 
with radio from the analog days, to today, including bringing the first commercial 
radio station on with HD Radio technology. I relentlessly pursue 5 nines, in every 
aspect of my life. I have built countless radio stations with all levels of technology, 
on time and in budget (most of the time) including studios and transmitter sites. I 
have managed a staff of engineers through difficult times, and through easy times, 
and found that each presents its own challenges. Extensive experience with studio 
and transmitter site construction, various automation and studio systems, all forms 
of telephony, including VOIP Built the first VOIP system accepted by FEMA, 
anywhere, for primary entry alerting in the Southern Nevada operational area. AOIP 
including Dante and AES67, High power and microwave RF, enterprise networking, 
and directional arrays
In my spare time I build and ride unique and quirky motorbikes and try to learn new 
skills whenever I can
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